We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and have started practicing social distancing. We suggest you do too but we also know that working out is an outlet for many and that these restrictions can and will take a physical and mental toll on people who regularly go to the gym. 

Because of that we have created a two week sample plan for you guys  to follow to keep active from home and  to help you keep working toward your goals during these hard times.

This is also a great opportunity to  get a little taste of a BBK workout plan and some of the structure and information you will receive in our full plans and challenges while you're at it! 

This plan is completely free and you'll have access to it forever in PDF form! 

We also linked our new BBK Challenge below as it is "social distancing" friendly and comes with complete home workouts for you AND complete gym workouts for you to do in case the gym bans are uplifted before our start date- APRIL 6th! Join today! 

Lastly, our regular at home slim thicc plans are linked below for you as well! 

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Download this free PDF get to work and Join the challenge to prepare for summer, girls! Let's do this!