8 Week Full Body Fat Loss + Recipe Plan
Made by Kalina

8 Week Full Body Fat Loss + Recipe Plan

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Focus – Burning overall body fat and shaping your body and muscles. Full body focus. 

Best for: People who want to lower their body fat % and lose weight, people who want to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance, people who want to tone their body. People looking for new recipes to spice up their kitchen!

Pair with: an 8 week lower body focused fat loss or weight gain guide! After finishing these 8 weeks focus on that lower body growth (with the 8 week lower body weight gain guide) or further toning and fat burning in your legs and glutes (with the lower 8 week lower body fat loss guide).

Quick Info:

  • 8 weeks long, 2-3 lower body specific workouts per week, 0-1 full body workout per week, 1-2 Upper body specific workout per week!
  • Core & Stretching guide
  • Video Demos for every exercise!
  • 89 pages & 250 video demos!
  • Nutrition guide and recipe plan with 42 different recipes. 
  • Downloadable PDF you can keep forever
  • Help line to talk to me directly with any questions
  • Intermediate level


Got cellulite? Say GOOD-BYE! Even though it’s a natural part of your body we can work hard to minimize it’s appearance and feel more comfortable in our skin! This plan is all about fat loss and toning ladies! It will work all areas of the glutes- glute max, glute medius and glute minimus! It will also work on all areas of the legs including outer thigh, inner thigh, quads, hamstrings and calves! Your upper body workouts will help tone stubborn arm flab, get rid of back fat in your upper and lower back and you will challenge your core with upper and lower core, and oblique exercises to shape your midsection and help burn belly fat! Your workouts will be heavy with supersets, drop sets and muscle endurance methods to really challenge your cardiovascular system while still weight training to shape and tone your muscles. Yes, you will fell the burn!

You will gain cardiovascular and muscular endurance in this guide! This will help you work harder to really burn that stubborn body fat, because of course, the harder you work the more calories you’ll burn, the more fat will be burned!

On top of the workouts, it will provide you with common foods and all of their nutritional values & recipes I personally use to include these foods in my daily meals. Recipes will include regular and vegan options.   

Now let’s work!