8 Week Full Body- Slim Thicc Weight Gain + Recipe Plan
Made by Kalina

8 Week Full Body- Slim Thicc Weight Gain + Recipe Plan

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Focus – Full Body strength and muscle growth. Lower body and booty focused. 

Best For: People who want to gain muscle /strength overall. With the end goal to create an hourglass slim thicc figure. People looking for new recipes to spice up their kitchen!

Pair with: the 8 week lower body weight gain guide! After this plan, continue on focusing on lower body exclusive workouts to really increase your glute size to emphasize your hourglass figure.

Quick Info:

  • 8 weeks long, 3 lower body workouts per week, 2 upper body/core workouts per week.
  • Video Demos for every exercise!
  • 87 pages & 250 video demos!
  • Recipe plan and nutrition guide with 42 different recipes.
  • Learn about macros with me!
  • Core guide
  • Downloadable PDF you can keep forever
  • Help line to talk to me directly with any questions
  • Intermediate level


Are you ready to achieve your slim thicc bod goals?! Let’s get you resembling as close to an hourglass as we can! This plan is all about core, booty & leg gains girls! It will work all areas of the glutes- glute max, glute medius and glute minimus! It will also work on all areas of the legs including outer thigh, inner thigh, quads, hamstrings and calves! It will focus on obliques (bringing your waist in), upper and lower abs!

You will gain strength in this guide and be able to lift enough weight to really challenge your muscles and see the growth you’ve been waiting for! It uses hypertrophy (muscle growth) methods that will help you challenge your muscles in new ways and break your plateaus!

On top of the workouts, it will provide you with the to best booty building foods (from my experience), all of their nutritional values & some recipes. You will also get a core guide to help you learn how to gain weight/muscle mass while keeping your tummy gains at bay!


Now let’s work!