8 Week Full Body Fat Loss (Workouts + Recipe Plan available)

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All you need to reach your goals is an intent to change, some inspiration and if you're here I know you got it! The last thing you need are some resources to help guide you to your goals... and luckily for you this plan is that exact tool!

Through this guide we are going to take you from feeling unmotivated, insecure and confused to feeling more alive, beautiful, energetic and confident. You're going to  go from experiencing uninspired, lazy days to motivated days full of life, good eating and physical activity.

We're going to increase your quality of life with better health, more feelings of happiness and fulfilment AND education you get to keep for life.

Let’s stop letting our goals slip through the cracks and let's get you where you want to be, girl.

Plan details:

  • Full body plan
  • 8 weeks duration
  • Focus: burning overall body fat and shaping your body and muscles. Full body focus. 
  • Uses methods like HIIT/LISS cardio, supersets, drop sets and muscle endurance methods to really challenge your cardiovascular system while still weight training to shape and tone your muscles.
  • Targets glutes- glute max, glute medius and glute minimus! It will also work on all areas of the legs including outer thigh, inner thigh, quads, hamstrings and calves! It will focus on obliques (bringing your waist in), upper and lower abs, and upper body like chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and back.
  • Nutrition guide with info on protein/carb/fat intake with examples, calorie set up information & some example recipes for each meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack).
  • Video Demos for every exercise!
  • 60 pages (89 pages if you choose the +recipe plan version) & 300+ video demos!
  • Downloadable PDF you can keep forever
  • Help line to talk to me directly with any questions

Best For: People who want to lower their body fat % and lose weight, people who want to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance, people who want to tone their body.

Pair with: an 8 week lower body focused fat loss or weight gain guide! After finishing these 8 weeks focus on that lower body growth (with the 8 week lower body weight gain guide) or further toning and fat burning in your legs and glutes (with the lower 8 week lower body fat loss guide).

Equipment: this is a gym based plan, however you would benefit from having BOOTY BANDS for glute activation.

CHOOSE THE + RECIPE PLAN VERSION: get 40+ recipes to try!

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