At Home: Slim Thicc Plan (Workout + Recipe Plan Available)

  • $40.00

Are you ready to achieve your slim thicc bod goals..... from home? Let’s get you resembling as close to an hourglass as we can ⏳! This plan is a full body plan with a particular focus on core, booty & leg gains girls! It will work all areas of the glutes- glute max, glute medius and glute minimus! It will also work on all areas of the legs including outer thigh, inner thigh, quads, hamstrings and calves! It will focus on obliques (bringing your waist in), and upper and lower abs!

This plan uses hypertrophy (muscle growth) methods that will help you challenge your muscles in new ways and help you break your plateaus!

Focus  Introduces new methods to your training to help you build up your strength and muscular and cardiovascular endurance..... from home☺️

Best For: People who want to gain muscle /strength/ endurance in their overall body, with the end goal to create an hourglass slim thicc figure. This is a very booty focused plan so get ready for the booty gains! 

Pair with: the 8 week full body slim thicc weight gain gym guide if you’re ready to hit the gym after this plan.

Equipment: Since this is a home plan no equipment is necessary, however you would benefit from having BOOTY BANDS & DUMBBELLS.

What does the plan include?

  • 8 weeks of workouts 
  • Video Demos for every exercise!
  • Home video demos!
  • Nutrition guide with info on protein/carb/fat intake with examples, calorie set up information & some example recipes for each meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack).
  • 57 pages (79 pages if you choose the + Recipe Plan version) + access to 300+ online exercise video demos
  • Downloadable PDF you can keep forever
  • Help line to talk to me directly with any questions 


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