AT HOME w/ BBK | FREE 2 Week Sample
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AT HOME w/ BBK | FREE 2 Week Sample

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Welcome to your plan! I am so excited for you guys to use this plan to help you stay on track for the time being! We at BBK are following self-isolation suggestions and are going to be working out from home until it is deemed safe and responsible to start going back to group settings like the gym, group fitness classes, yoga etc.  

This demo plan is going to help you learn some key home exercises you can try that will help you tone, build and get stronger. Whether you are a beginner to working out or you have been working out for a while the full 8 week slim thicc plan can help you get the results you want! This plan can be an amazing introductory program before you start going to the gym or if you like to train from home can be one of the plans you use to stay consistent, hold yourself accountable and follow some BOMB recipes.

My BBK Transformations! All of my workout plans have been used by me personally over the past 5 years to make my own strength and body gains. I have mad them into downloadable PDFs for all of my girls to use to help them learn how to make gains and learn how to workout properly be that in the gym or at home. 

You can be next! Start your transformation today! 

My 4 year transformation

My 1 year transformation


3 months working with me 

3 months working with me 

3 months working with me

1 month check in

4 weeks 


Start working with me today 💪🏼 let’s kill it!

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